Do you only build websites for local businesses in Eastbourne, East Sussex?

Absolutely not. I have clients based all over the UK and I am happy to work for overseas clients too.

Is James Nock Web Development & Management a 'one man band'?

Yes, for the most part. However I work with other developers, designers and copy writers from time-to-time to meet the needs of projects.

How much do you charge?

In the politest way possible, 'how long is a piece of string?'. Every website is different and different projects will have different requirements, timescales and deadlines. As a VERY rough guide, a basic brochure website with Analytics software installed, web hosting for the first year, domain name and submission to Google is likely to be billed from around £700.

Another guy said he could do it for £200, why do you charge more?

When I build a website for you, I spend time getting to know you and your business, I listen to what you want and we work out the best plan forwards for your website as part of your business. I then put a design forwards to you, we discuss it and go from there. What I don't do, is buy a £5 theme, slam it into WordPress, and then email you and say 'all done'. If you do decide to go for a cheaper option I wish you the best of luck with it, please remember me for your next version of the website. When it comes to website builds you really do 'get what you pay for'.

I want my website built with WordPress because I heard it's the best

WordPress has its place and I can build you a site with WordPress. If your website is based around a blog and you want to update it regularly then it's a good option. The downside of WordPress is that it can be a little resource hungry and a bit slow. Slower websites tend to rank lower in Search Engines because they don't provide for a good user experience in comparison to faster sites. For most brochure websites I code from scratch for ultra-quick page load time. For websites that have blogs on them that you'd like me to manage for you, I'll use Jekyll because it will result in faster page load times.

Can I see work you've done in the past?

Eventually, I'll setup a portfolio section on my website. At present, most of my recent work has been done under Non-Disclosure Agreements or for Agencies so I can't say too much about it unfortunately. Obviously, this website was designed and built by me.

How do you work?

My process is fairly simple. We'll have a discussion by telephone, Skype or FaceTime (or we can meet face-to-face if you're local and you'd prefer that) to work out exactly what you need. This conversation normally takes around an hour and a half which gives me time to absorb what you want and for us to work out what you need. After the conversation I'll draw up a quote and e-mail it to you. If you're happy with the quote, then I'll let you know when I'm able to start the work, invoice you (normally) 50% of the project cost and get started once I've received the payment. For larger projects I'll work out a project plan and we'll discuss a project plan schedule... I wouldn't expect you to hand over 50% of a £20,000 project before I start work on it.

Why do you want a payment up-front?

An up-front payment tells me that you're as committed to the project as I am. The worst thing for a freelancer is not being paid for a project once it's complete - these things take a lot of time and money is what keeps us fed and caffeinated.

Will my website be number 1 on Google?

Honestly? I doubt it, to begin with anyway. I build websites to be as SEO-friendly as I can using the latest languages and techniques. I submit the websites to Google and then the rest is largely up to you to market. If you'd like help with marketing then we can discuss a marketing plan which will include promotion of your website using e-mail marketing and social media. If you'd like to use a blog as part of your SEO strategy then I can put you in contact with a fantastic copywriter who can arrange to blog on your behalf.

What's SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation is the art of aiding organic search listings in Search Engines. SEO will not guarantee to make your site number 1 but it will help your website climb up the rankings. For your website to be ranked at the top, it must be the most relevant result for what the user has searched for. If your website is not the most relevant then it will not be number 1, and rightly so.

Why don't you advertise SEO as a service?

SEO is about so much more than getting to number 1 on Google, it's about building your business as an authority on relevant subject(s). There is little point in taking a 10 year old website and trying to make it number 1. I have no doubt that it can be done with enough money thrown at it but the more efficient way is to build a new website with SEO in mind from the start. Once the website has been created, we can look at getting it to rank better after it's bedded in.

Have I missed something? Contact me and ask!

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