Email Marketing

Put Your Message in Front of Thousands

Aside from word-of-mouth, email marketing campaigns are the cheapest way to advertise your business. And unlike word-of-mouth, an email campaign can reach thousands of potential customers all over the country.

In fact, if you take the money it'd cost to print a few hundred flyers or leaflets, you could use it to reach ten or twenty times as many leads via email.

When you put it like that – there's no wonder that email marketing is one of my most frequently requested services!

Hand-Coded Email Campaigns

If you've ever wondered why so many of the emails you receive look the same, it's because lots of businesses use very similar one-size-fits all templates.

That's a shortcut to easily ignorable messages that just don't have an impact.

I'll handle things a little differently. By hand-coding your emails to ensure they appeal to your targeted audience, I'll make sure they grab attention on any device – leading to an even more effective email marketing campaign.

Don't Fire and Forget – I'll Give You Clear, Actionable Data

My service doesn't end when I click send on your campaign.

The way your customers react will tell us a lot about how to pitch your follow-up emails, making sure that you don't miss out on any potential leads that may have slipped through the net the first time around.

In fact, the more we work together, the more successful you'll be!

Give me a call and we'll discuss the best approach to take for your business. And then we'll lay the foundations for a successful campaign that will continue to improve over the coming months.

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