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Experience and Guidance When You Need it Most

If you don't have a development background, the process of creating a new website, running an email campaign, or moving to a computerised record-keeping system can be a tricky one.

Fortunately, I'm on-hand to offer advice.

I've helped clients, developers and decision-makers to come up with efficient and cost-effective solutions to real problems, without ever recommending technology for the sake of technology. So if you need impartial advice backed up by years of experience, you can always turn to me.

Advice You Can Trust

My suggestions aren't based on hunches. They're based on qualifications and real-world experience.

In addition to a BSc (HONS) in Multimedia Computing, I've also completed training with TrainSimple, CodeSchool, Sitepoint and Udemy, along with an SEO Course from Zen Optimise and the FutureTrend Academy's renowned Photoshop training course.

I'm not listing these qualifications to try and impress you – I honestly believe that learning the right skills from the right people gives you a better grasp of best practice and problem solving. That means that I can professionally and quickly approach any issue that you present to me, without having to rely on unreliable advice or trial and error.

What's more, these qualifications are backed up by years of industry experience and recognition – in fact, I'm now ranked 976 on Code Eval's list of over 1000 developers from all over the world!

Having access to a skilled, qualified and experienced developer can help move your business to the next level – keeping development timescales short and ensuring that every solution your business uses is based on successful, real-world application.

Let me put my skill and experience to good use solving your business' problems. Call me now for help, advice and invaluable support.

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Please don't hesitate to make contact with me regarding anything web-related. I'm unable to take on any new clients at present though, sorry.

Address 11 Sunflower Lane, Polegate, East Sussex, UK